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Skating Treadmill at the MAC

The BLADE Skating Treadmill is a treadmill body that has installed synthetic ice on a rotating slat belt instead of a running surface, allowing for a smooth and easy transition that feels exactly like gliding on ice. The athlete wears a lightweight harness that attaches to the frame surrounding the treadmill surface, allowing the skater to exit on and off the treadmill easily and safely.

Some of the features of training at Ryerson Skate Training powered by the BLADE Skating Treadmill are:

  • 12’ by 6’ Rotating slat belt surface
  • Built in elevation system in the BLADE Skating Treadmill
  • Measurement of time and distance
  • Treadmill speed reaches 20 MPH
  • Treadmill elevation reaches 35 degrees
  • 360 Degree rope and rotator system
  • Singing Rock safety harness
  • Remote control descending Sport Screen Goalie for shooting    

What are the benefits of using the BLADE Skating Treadmill?

  • Speed improvement through the use of our hill training acceleration program
  • Increases power and promotes quick acceleration and foot speed
  • Stride enhancement – long, explosive, and efficient strides
  • Backwards skating on the BLADE allows for pivoting with ease, edge control, and maintaining proper body position while skating
  • Increases cardiovascular intake (both anaerobic and aerobic)
  • Overall improvement of skating biomechanics
  • Enhances all around hockey skills - stick handling, ability to move the puck faster, puck control and shooting

Why train here: The Ryerson Skate Training program, powered by the BLADE, is hockey training for any level of skater/hockey player. The BLADE Skating Treadmill allows a controlled environment with one on one instruction for athletes looking to improve their stride and efficiency, along with improving endurance and overall hockey skills. Treadmill training is proven to be effective with the work the athlete puts in. You will see major changes in a short period of time.

Who can train at Ryerson Skate Training: Anyone can! From youth to adults, beginners to professional athletes. Ryerson Skate Training, powered by the BLADE, caters their programs to fit the needs of any athlete. We also offer team programs, small group training, as well as individual training sessions with 1-4 people who share similar goals. We have devised a program that whether you are on the treadmill alone or on with three others, the work to rest ratio remains the same.



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