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Rams fall to Mustangs in three sets

By Cara Gilhula

LONDON, Ont. - The Rams visited the Western Mustangs and fell in three sets on Saturday night at the Alumni Hall. The Rams lost 25-17, 25-23, 25-18.

The Rams started off the first set with a huge block, but it wasn’t long until the Mustangs took advantage of their home court. They served consistently for the next few points to gain a lead over the Rams.

The Mustangs were also up on the block for every offensive attack the Rams had. This prevented the Rams from taking on their typical strategy of getting ahead early with big kills by the front line. At the first technical the Rams were behind 16-11.

After the technical timeout, the Rams had a couple of rallies with the Mustangs. Except Ryerson suffered many errors, which put them fairly behind the Mustangs again. Fortunately, the Mustangs started to make errors of their own and the Rams were able to bridge the gap. They were able to find the openings in the back corners, and even though it wasn’t consistent, it was helping the Rams gain more confidence to continue their battle against the Mustangs. Unfortunately, the Mustangs maintained their lead with big kills and serves that left the Rams defense crumbling. The Rams lost the first set 25-17.

In the second set, the Rams were neck and neck with the Mustangs. The Rams were able to adapt to the Mustangs style of play, and got their heads back in the game early on. Each point, the other team returned, allowing for competitive volleyball, which the Rams did not see in the first set. Unfortunately, the Mustangs slipped away from the Rams to take the second set at 25-23.

The Mustangs only needed one more set under their belt to sweep the Rams, and they did not let up. They came out swinging early against the Rams. Ryerson tried to fight back by pushing the ball where they anticipated errors from Western. Although, at the technical timeout the Rams trailed the Mustangs again at 16-13.

The Mustangs continued to receive opportunities to set up huge offensive plays to offset the Rams. The Rams saw a bit of frustration on the court and continued to slip up. The Mustangs took advantage of this, and took them down for the third and final set. The Rams lost 3-0, and are now sitting at a 3-3 record.

Xander Ketrzynski (Toronto, Ont.) lead the Rams in kills for another night with 13 hits. Unfortunately he suffered seven errors, which affected his consistency. On the Mustangs roster, Evan Cranshaw had 12 kills, and only five errors. Along with Brady Fidler who had 10 kills and one error, and Evan Hammond had nine kills and zero errors. This shows where the Mustangs had the upper hand and put the Rams behind.

The Rams will go on another road trip next weekend to take on York University on November 23rd and will head up to Nipissing on November 24th. Game start will be at 8:00 p.m. Follow us on Twitter for live updates.


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