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Frederick shines against former team

By Luke Bellus

TORONTO - The Ryerson Rams men’s basketball team beat the York Lions 82-63 Friday night in their second last game of the regular season.

The Rams, who already have the second seed under lock and key were coming into this game off of a loss to the Laurentian Voyageurs and wanted to bounce back strong.

Making his return to the lineup for the Rams was Filip Vujadinovic, Vujadinovic missed three games with a groin injury and although he struggled from the field, he was happy to be back on the floor. He said, “Sometimes I think I take this game for granted, it was good being back out there, running up and down the court, battling with my teammates, getting tired again, I missed it a lot.”

Jayden Frederick drew back into the starting lineup today, his first start in nearly a month and he made good on this opportunity. Playing his former team, Frederick scored 19 points, had seven rebounds and added an impressive six steals.

But Frederick’s stat line wasn’t the most impressive part of his game Friday night, that came at the start of the second quarter when he sent a buzz through the arena with a massive dunk.

Frederick said, “I just felt it today, I even told a few of the guys that I had a couple of big plays in me tonight, over the last couple games I’ve tried to have a more aggressive mentality and make more plays.”

Frederick has the chance to be a big X-factor for the Rams in the playoffs and nights like this game shine light on that. But one thing Frederick needs to work on is his ability to come off the bench.

He acknowledges that his mentality can be different when he doesn’t start and when he enters the game feels the need to prove himself. Regardless on starting or coming off the bench if he can bring this game’s mentality and play into the playoffs he will be a big contributor for the Rams when they need him the most.

With just one game left in the Rams season – senior night – and Vujadinovic being a fifth-year senior, he was asked to reflect on his time at Ryerson. “It’s sweet because I survived five years, but at the same time it’s sad because after this school ball is done and it’s either pro ball or the work force.”

But with all of that being said Vujadinovic’s main focus – along with his teammates – is the same that it’s been all season, the next opponent.  

The Rams will finish their regular season Saturday night when they host the Queen's Gaels. The Rams will honour their senior class, a class made up of Vujadinovic, Jean-Victor Mukama, Myles Charvis, Yusuf Ali, and Nathan Culbreath.


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