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Rams conquer Queen's on Senior Night sendoff

By Cara Gilhula

TORONTO — The Rams beat the Queen’s Gaels 81-77 on Saturday night for their last home game of the regular season. 

In celebration, the Rams were able to honour a number of memorable seniors: Yusuf Ali (Toronto, Ont.), Myles Charvis (Mississauga, Ont.), Nathan Calbreath (Kingston, Ont.), JV Mukama (Hamilton, Ont.), and Filip Vujadinovic (Burlington, Ont.). 

Ali has only been at Ryerson for one year, although he has played 15 games this season, totaling 96 points. 

Charvis has stolen the hearts of many, on and off the court, for the past three years with 57 games. He averages 12.1 points in 30.1 minutes. 

“It’s a little surreal, you know. I woke up not thinking too much about it, but then as soon as coach started talking about you, you get memories from when you first got here. I was only here for three years, but it felt like I’ve been here for all five. It was amazing to just be apart of it for three years and I’m so thankful for everything that I went through,” says Charvis. 

“A few years ago when I first got here, you know those moments you might be a little nervous, you might doubt yourself, but now as a senior guys look up to me, and you should lead by example and I think I did today.” 

Culbreath has spent three seasons with the Rams, totaling 131 points from 25 regular season games. 

Mukama has been with the Rams for a five-year career. He averages 18.4 points per game, totaling 404 points and 40 steals. 

“It felt amazing having my family and friends that I’m close to here, so it was a special night,” says Mukama. 

Vujadinovic is celebrating his fifth season as a Ram with 664 points from 91 career regular season games. 

“The ceremony felt like it was never going to happen for me, but to walk up there and hear [Coach] Rana talk about me was a great moment,” says Vujadinovic. 

“Ryerson was not what I expected coming in. I was thinking I was going to a be a starter, playing minutes, points, like everyone else does. I had to sacrifice a lot like [Coach] Rana said. So I just stuck through it.” 

After a tough game against the Gaels, the Rams will finish the season in second place and will look forward to the upcoming playoff schedule.

Charvis lead the game with 19 points for the Rams. 

“You have to take it day by day, possession by possession, practice by practice, and if we’re able to work hard and own possessions, I think our outcome will be the one that we want,” says Charvis. 

The first quarter, the Rams trailed the Gaels 23-19 after a slow start. 

In the second quarter, the Rams were moving well and covering their respective Gael. Again, the Rams trailed the Gael’s 34-30. 

During the third quarter, the matchup continued to be very much back and forth. The Rams were struggling offensively by being inconsistent with their foul shots. On the other hand‍, their defence saw weakness, which helped advance the Gaels again at 58-55.

Entering the fourth quarter, the Rams were filling the court and back to an aggressive style of play. They started to develop a bigger lead, giving them the momentum to take the game 81-77.

“We have a lot of war veterans that are strong. We have been in big moments during my five years here, so we gotta figure it out. We have a week, we will see who we are playing and go from there,” says Mukama. 


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