Hall of Fame 2007 Inductees

Lyn McVey

Lyn McVey, Builder

Women's Athletic Director

Lyn McVey was hired as the Women's Athletic Director, working with Ted Toogood (a previous inductee) and Bruce Forsythe in the Men's Athletic Department. Her responsibilities included executing activities on the Women's Activity Counsel which were to plan, promote and coordinate athletic activities for girls. In 1958, Lyn was coaching basketball at the old Teacher's College at Pape and Carlaw and later at the Central YMCA since the team did not have any gym space on campus. In 1960, Miss McVey became the first woman to coach a men's badminton team who had for five years in a row won the inter-collegiate championship. In December 1962, Lyn was elected chair of a new section of the Women's Division of the Ontario Intercollegiate Athletic Association with four teams - Ryerson University, University of Windsor, Laurentian University and York University. The women's basketball trophy for most valuable player, which is still in use today, is named in her honour.


Bill Wiggins

Bill Wiggins, Leader


In the 1970's when Bill Wiggins joined the Intramural program many leagues were just beginning and all were experiencing growing pains. Safety and officiating were big issues and Bill stepped in as a Referer-in-Chief of both Ice Hockey and Ball Hockey. In 1976, after being the Touch Football Convener (10 teams) and the Men's Ice Hockey Convener (18 teams, 4 nights a week), Bill became the Men's Intramural Head Convener. As the elected Athletic Commissioner in the student union he instigated the SURPI Cup for the intramural team showing the best sportsmanship - this trophy is still in existence today. In addition to being a convener Bill also found time to organize a group of Ryerson women for the "Powder Puff Football Team" who competed against other universities for four years. For his contributions to Sports & Recreation, Bill was awarded the Intramural Cup in 1975.


Scott Belasco

Scott Belasco, Athlete


Scott was the Basketball MVP and an OUAA All-Star for three consecutive seasons from 1994-1996. In all three years, Scott helped lead the team to the OUA East Finals. In 1994-1995 he led the OUAA for field goal percentages and was 4th in the OUAA in rebounding. In 1995-1996 he was 5th in the OUAA in rebounds per game. In 1996-1997 he was 5th in scoring in the OUAA and 4th in the CIAU for rebounding with 9.9 rebounds per game. In 1996-1997, for his contributions, Scott was awarded the Ryersonian Male Athlete of the Year. He also holds his Ryerson Gold "R".


Claire King

Claire King, Athlete


In the 1970's no statistics were recorded and so it is difficult to show how Claire's accomplishments rank as some of the best in Ryerson's history. During Claire's time at Ryerson overhand serving and blocking were introduced into the game of women's volleyball. Claire would lead her team by serving more than 10 points in a row as well as get countless blocks. Claire who is five-foot, ten-inches could "spike as hard as any man" wrote the Ryersonian on February 20, 1975. Claire was an integral team captain with the women's volleyball team and was awarded the H.H. Kerr Female Athlete of the Year Award in 1973.


Caroline Klemens

Caroline (Borsutzky) Klemens, Athlete


In 1985-1986, Caroline was the first ever Ryerson Ram to be named as an athlete of the week in the OWIAA. She was named to the OWIAA Eastern Division All-Star team in 1986 and 1987. In 1987, she became Ryerson's all time top scorer with a total of 17 points a game. During her time at Ryerson she received the Marilyn McVey MVP award four years in a row, her Gold "R" and in 1985 the HH Kerr Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year Award. She is still 4th in the OUA record book with an average of 10.1 rebounds per game. She is the only female Ryerson student-athlete to currently hold a record in the OUA top-five record book.


Bill Spurrell

Bill Spurrell, Athlete

Bill came to Ryerson as a gymnastics competitor, however Ryerson did not have a team so he turned to diving and became the best diver Ryerson ever had. In 1977, he won OUAA bronze medals in both the 1 metre and 3 metre board and qualified for the CIAU championships where he placed 5th overall. In 1976, he won the John Johnson Diving MVP and the Male Athlete of the Year. In 1977 he was awarded the D.H. Craighead Trophy for Greatest Contribution to Athletics and he also holds his Ryerson Gold "R".