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Over the past year Ryerson Athletics and Recreation has established a new vision for its program. The new mission champions a spirit of belonging, pride and excellence, through wellness education, recreational pursuits and elite competition, which invigorates the student body, enriches the academic experience and develops the whole student.

The recent announcement of the expansion of the Athletics Department to include Maple Leaf Gardens – hailed as one of Canada's iconic buildings in the sport community, brings not only a new revitalized facility, it also brings new opportunities for the student athletes at Ryerson.

As Ryerson Athletics and Recreation grows to become one of the best programs in Canada it needs support and partnerships to help our student athletes meet their goals. Ryerson greatly appreciates the generous support shown by our alumni, friends, and staff and now at this critical time we need that support to take our programs to new levels.

Your gift to our Department supports student athlete's academic programs, subsidizes travel expense and community outreach including our Rising Rams Program where student athletes mentor secondary school youth. In addition to this funds are used to recruit top student athletes, maintain support staff for all programs and develop an elite coaching staff to guide our programs to excellence.

Devon Lord Brooks Award Fund

Devon Lord Brooks was a dedicated student and a passionate athlete. Devon passed away unexpectedly at the age of 27. She was at work on two additional degrees, and was a competitive national-level figure skater and power cheerleader in her high school and undergraduate years. She was also a wakeboarder, a gymnast, and a snowboarder. Devon believed in the unified strength of body, mind and spirit.

This scholarship fund is created in her memory. Recognizing academic excellence, athletic ability and financial need, the fund seeks to encourage the strength of mind, body and spirit that Devon personified.

The Brooks family has a long association with the Ryerson community, and directed the fund to support Ryerson student athletes. Donations made to the Devon Lord Brooks Award will be placed in an endowment fund, creating student awards in her name in perpetuity. It is the first endowed award in Athletics at Ryerson. Eligible candidates are Varsity Athletes who are Ontario residents and full-time students in a Ryerson undergraduate or graduate program.

The generous support of donors to the Devon Lord Brooks Award has taken the fund almost 90% of the way to the Brooks family’s goal of a $1 Million endowment. And the fund is already at work supporting promising students. 

Donations in memory of Devon Lord Brooks are giving new opportunities to students. Please give generously.

CLICK HERE to donate to the Devon Lord Brooks Award Fund

Planning for the Future - Today!

The importance of sports is invaluable and goes much further than the basic answer that "it will keep kids off the streets or off drugs". It also instills lessons that are essential for our graduates to become contributing members of society.

Recent studies validate that athletic participation at every level does not only train functional skills like dexterity and balance but it also promotes the learning of soft skills like taking orders, leadership, teamwork, performing in a regulated system, and socialization. Participation in Athletics can help to form the character of young people because it teaches behavioral habits like motivation, discipline, tenacity, competitive spirit, responsibility, perseverance, confidence, and self-esteem, which cannot always be acquired in the classroom. These behavioral aspects can lead to reduced skipping, increase the willingness to succeed in school, and encourage social interaction with other students, which are associated with higher efficiency of learning because time is used more productively? (Pfeifer, 2007).

Your planned gift will strengthen the long-term financial security of our student athletes. It provides access to health therapy, maintains the best coaches within our community, provide specialty equipment such as braces and training equipment. Your gift will ensure student athletes will have a competitive athletics program which will make our entire University stronger and continue to help attract exceptional students—young people who excel in both athletic and academic competition -- today, tomorrow and forever.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving, often described as "leaving a legacy", is simply planning to make a difference with your gift.

Planned gifts are easy to arrange and can produce attractive benefits such as:

  • Significant tax savings
  • Enhanced control and flexibility in managing your personal finances and estate planning needs

Planned gifts come in many forms and include:

  • bequests
  • securities
  • life insurance
  • retirement plans (RRSPs & RRIFs)
  • residual interest gifts, and
  • gifts of property

Planned gifts may be expendable -- used to sustain current operations or fund important capital projects or they may also be endowed -- held and invested to generate annual gift income forever.