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Training Programs

Ryerson Skate Training - BLADE Treadmill Program
The BLADE Skate Treadmill program consists of a Learn to Skate program, a Skate Training program, a High Performance program, and a Goaltender program. Each program consists of an evaluation session where the skater is assessed and then placed into a specific program to cater their individual needs. Each skater has the ability to move into different programs and increase difficulty depending on their progress. With over 150 phased programs offered, there is a program for every skater and the opportunity for everyone to develop into a strong and confident skater.

Learn to Skate (Beginner & Intermediate)
The Learn to Skate program is for people of all ages and will focus on orientation to the treadmill skating surface and skating techniques. The participants will advance through a progression system of completing certain skills and getting more comfortable on the treadmill skating surface. As their technique becomes more natural and ability increases, they will see tremendous results in their skating ability and on-ice game. The Learn to Skate program isn't just for hockey players, it can also be beneficial for those that are just learning how to skate and might be tentative to start on an ice surface.

Skate Training (Beginner & Intermediate)
The Skate Training Program is a unique program offered to various age groups that allows skaters to work on their skating skills away from the rink with one on one instruction while they are on the BLADE treadmill. The Skate Training program also allows skaters to work on puck handling, passing and even shooting while striding and training on the treadmill. The training program itself is designed in a progression format.  Depending on skill level, the program for the individual skater (or if they are training with group/teammates) is catered to their needs and progression time. 

High Performance
The high performance program is designed for elite athletes with highly advanced skating technique, treadmill experience, and excellent cardiovascular conditioning. This program consists of highly intensive interval and speed training, core stability using medicine balls, and technical skating maneuvers while stick handling.

The Goaltender program will focus on the techniques and training avenues specific to goaltender needs. Goalies move differently; their power comes from different areas, and they have different areas of energy than forwards/defense do. The Goaltenders program will focus on the basic training movements for goalies while skating on the treadmill. It will focus on their stride development, along with leg strength, power pushes, and increasing their reaction time by completing the drills on a step by step phase outlined in their specific progressive program.



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