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RU Cheer team makes history

By Ryerson Cheerleading
Photo by Ryerson Cheerleading

On Saturday, November 30, the RU Cheer Team headed to the Powerade Centre in Brampton to compete at PCA Nationals. This was the team’s second time competing at PCA Nationals.

In 2012 the team made history when they beat out fellow competitors McGill, placing 6 out of 7. Before 2012 the RU Cheer team had never been able to beat a team at Nationals.

This year, the team’s goal was to have two clean performances. The athletes have been training for 5 months for this competition and the coaches knew their increase in difficulty should pay off.

"Their first run was almost flawless," stated coach Christine Sinclair. "Our athletes fought for their stunts and sold their routine with their facials and high energy."

The athletes knew they had done well once they stepped off the mat. After round one, Ryerson was in 5th place, but only by a small margin with the 4th and 6th place teams separated by only seven points.

"Round two is always harder on the athletes. They are tired and the excitement that comes from competing at Nationals has gone down," said coach Laura Millar.

With all eyes on Ryerson as they walked onto the mat for the second time, all 25 athletes were able to hit another solid routine, scoring even higher in round two.

VIDEO: Ryerson's second run

"I could not be more proud of our athletes. They did everything we asked and it reflected in our scores," said Millar.

This is the second year that the RU Cheer Team has made history as they keep climbing up in the ranks.

The final outcome for the University All Girl Division (from 1st to 8th) was; Laurier, Western, MUN, Guelph, Ryerson, Ottawa, McGill, and Brock.

The RU Cheer team looks forward to another great season in 2014.

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