On Saturday, November 9th the Ryerson University Cheerleading Team competed at its first competition of the season, Cheer Evolution Fall Classic.

The coaches use this competition as practice for the team to get familiar with running its routine in front of an audience and judges.

The team’s performance was as expected for the first competition.

"The beginning of the routine was flawless, with perfect synchronization," said coach Laura Millar. "The team's timing was off for the second half of the routine, however, the athletes made the right choice by keeping things safe."

The team finished the competition in first place.

"The team is in a good position," stated coach Christine, who just joined the Ryerson coaching staff this season. "the athletes know what they have to fix and we can keep working on increasing our difficulty."

Overall the athletes and coaches are happy with their performance. The team will be heading to Montreal, Quebec on November 22nd for their next competition.