TORONTO - After a strong start to their competitive season, the dance pak continued to impress judges and audiences at their final 2 competitions. On March 11 and 12 the team travelled to Guelph to compete in the largest and longest running collegiate dance competition in Canada, the University Dance Challenge. The competition season concluded in Richmond Hill on March 18 at Flashdance’s University Challenge where the team repeated last year’s impressive finish as the 2nd overall highest scoring team. A summary of their individual results can be found below.

The dance pak capped off the season with their annual awards lunch and would like to recognize the following dancers for their outstanding contributions to the team this year:

Most Valuable Dancer: Jenn Taylor

As voted by the team

Miss Congeniality: Laura Gowling

As voted by the team

Coaches’ and Captain’s Choice Awards: Courtney Riddell & Annie Dewar

As chosen by the coaches and team captain for their work ethic, attitude, dedication and outstanding contributions both as dancers and teammates

Special thank you to our team captain, Sacha Lank, for all the extra time and heart she put into the season to help her teammates achieve success.


University Dance Challenge & Flashdance Competition Results:

Large Lyrical Group  “Rebalance” – Choreographed by Melissa Chayer, Krista Speller, Sacha Lank, Shawna Halikas & Zoe George
University Dance Challenge – 2nd Overall Large Group, 1st Place Large Open 19
Flashdance – 6th Overall Large Group, 1st Place Large Lyrical 19, Choreography Award

Large Contemporary Group  “Déjà Vu” – Choreographed by Melissa Chayer
University Dance Challenge – 7th Overall Large Group, 3rd Place Large Contemporary 19
Flashdance – 2nd Overall Large Group, 2nd Place Large Contemporary 19, Judges Choice Award

Large Jazz Group  “Instinct” – Choreographed by Jenn Taylor
University Dance Challenge – 2nd Place Large Jazz 19
Flashdance – 3rd Place Large Jazz 19

Small Tap Group  “Simple Melody” – Choreographed by Shawna Halikas
University Dance Challenge – 2nd Place Small Tap 19
Flashdance – 4th Place Small Tap 19-20

Small Contemporary Group  “Enlightenment” – Choreographed by Sacha Lank
Flashdance – 4th Place Small Contemporary 19

Jenn Taylor, Open Solo “The In Between”
University Dance Challenge – 1st Overall Soloist, 1st Place Open Solo 18
Flashdance – 3rd Overall Soloist, 1st Place Open Solo 18-19, Judges Choice Award

Laura Gowling, Lyrical Solo “Fools”
University Dance Challenge – 2nd Place Lyrical Solo 19
Flashdance – 1st Place Lyrical Solo 19, Judges Choice Award

Vanessa Hutchinson, Contemporary Solo “Tomorrow”
University Dance Challenge – 3rd Place Contemporary Solo 18
Flashdance – 4th Place Contemporary Solo 18

Emily Salinas, Lyrical Solo “Sweat”
Flashdance – 2nd Place Lyrical Solo 19

Kathleen Barbieri, Lyrical Solo “At Last”
Flashdance – 3rd Place Lyrical Solo 20

Alyssa Webster, Contemporary Solo “Unchained”
Flashdance – 4th Place Contemporary Solo 19

Kim deBryun, Contemporary Solo “Asht”
Flashdance – 6th Place Contemporary Solo 19