We are counting down the days until the 2017 U SPORTS Women's Volleyball National Championship presented by Jason Rinaldi in a #weRstrongandweRproud photo shoot with the host team, the Ryerson Rams. Photos by Alex D'Addese (3rd year RTA: Sport Media).

1 Day: #1 Cailin Wark
"With every mistake you make, or every critique you receive, there's an opportunity to take something from it, change it and push yourself to be the best you can be." - Cailin Wark

Cailin Wark

2 Days: #2 Theanna Vernon
"I believe that strength is a choice. It's about putting in the work every day knowing that it hurts and it's tiring. Strength is to keep pushing even when the odds are against you. Strength is to play for your teammates and not for yourself. It's about having confidence in yourself and your abilities, and being happy with who you are day in and day out." - Theanna Vernon

Theanna Vernon

3 Days: #3 Becky Zeeman
"You really learn how significant and precious something is to you when it's taken away. Sustaining a season ending injury has tested my mental strength even more than tree planting. Although it's been hard to accept not being able to finish my season I'm very grateful for the perspective on life it's given me. Make sure you challenge your body, nurture it properly, and worship it to the fullest because it's through our bodies that we are able to experience so many joys and wonders in life." - Becky Zeeman 

Becky Zeeman

4 Days: #4 Mady Timpany
"Life is too short to spend all of our time being so serious and focusing on the negatives. A little positivity and a few extra laughs can go a long way. I am thankful I have my team around me to help provide me with that." - Mady Timpany

Mady Timpany

5 Days: #5 Kate McIlmoyle
" If Al Pacino taught me anything it's that life is a game of inches and that one inch can make all the difference. Lucky for me I have a team of sisters that will go that inch with me." - Kate McIlmoyle

Kate McIlmoyle

6 Days: #6 Veronica Livingston
"The things that I was most self conscious about in high school have become the source of my confidence at 22. By surrounding myself with people who encourage me everyday, I am able to take pride in how I look, go for max gainz, and accept nothing less than 4 inch heels." - Veronica Livingston

Veronica Livingston

8 Days: #8 Demetra Maragos
"Through sport I have realized that there will always be setbacks with anything worth accomplishing whether it is something physical, mental or emotional. However, with perseverance, conviction and a little bit of patience you are able to surpass any obstacles that come your way." - Demetra Maragos

Demetra Maragos

9 Days: #9 Jade Griffiths
"I was repeatedly told in high school that I couldn’t play volleyball at the next level because of my size. I just wasn’t tall enough to keep playing volleyball as a hitter. People will try to judge us and our abilities based on our appearance and sometimes it takes courage to choose not to believe them. But, what I’ve learned is that we shouldn’t let other peoples’ opinions dictate what we're capable of." - Jade Griffiths

Jade Griffiths

10 Days: #10 Kristine Yan
"Remember where you came from. Stay humble." - Kristine Yan. Quiet confidence is still confidence.

Kristine Yan

11 Days: #11 Jena Bonello
"I demand more of myself everyday and play for the girls beside me. I refuse to go into the gym without giving every ounce of my body. That's my confidence." - Jena Bonello

Jena Bonello

12 Days: #12 Haroula Giovanopoulos
"Someone joked before the fitness shoot about my makeup and straightened hair, asking if it didn't "kind of go against the purpose of this "strong girls" campaign?" But I think that's in short what this whole campaign is about. I'm a girl: I like to wear mascara, do my hair, and paint my nails, and as a female athlete I also just so happen to like lifting heavy weights on a daily basis." - Haroula Giovanopoulos

Haroula Giovanopoulos

14 Days: #14 Lauren Veltman
"There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstances permit. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results." - Lauren Veltman

Lauren Veltman

15 Days: #15 Gabby Dunning
"The most important moment of my athletic career thus far has been accepting that I am capable of so much more than I had let myself believe." - Gabby Dunning

 Gabby Dunning

16 Days: #16 Christie Robertson
"For a long time confidence was my biggest weakness, until I realized that confidence is like the weather. It changes day to day, but you can still do fun things in the rain that you can't always do in the sun." - Christie Robertson

18 Days: #18 Julie Longman
"It is when you surround yourself with people who challenge you, push you, believe in and support you that you will discover your greatest potential." - Julie Longman 

Julie Longman