WVB 24/7 Documentary Series
Follow the Ryerson Rams women's volleyball team on its journey through the 2016-17 season which will saw the team host the U SPORTS Women's Volleyball National Championship. Series produced by Elwin van Alst (4th Year, BFA - Film Studies)

Episode 1 - A New Season: A New Season is officially here! Follow the women's volleyball team's journey through preseason, including their first out-of-province trip. 

Episode 2 (part 1) - Game Day: This episode explores the rivalry with the University of Toronto and takes fans through the season opener.

Episode 2 (part 2) - Game Day: This instalment focuses on preparation and match play for the second game of the season series against rivals Toronto. The next time the Rams will see the Blues will be the postseason.

Extended Look - Sick Kids Donation: An extended look at the Rams donation to Sick Kids Hospital over the holidays.

Episode 3 "A Day in the Life" Community Event: Episode 3 features the Rams community work during the 'Day in the Life' event hosted February 5th.

Extended Look - B.C. Trip: On the eve of the U SPORTS National Championship we look back at the team's pre-season trip to British Columbia.

Episode 5 - OUA Finals: In the second last episode of the award winning WVB 24/7 series, the Rams compete for a conference title at the OUA Final Four.

Episode 6 - Nationals: In the final episode of the award winning WVB 24/7 series, the Rams compete for a national title home court.