Ryerson University's Athletics Hall of Fame is designed to honour athletes, leaders, builders and teams in the program on an annual basis. It is also designed to preserve the historical and outstanding contributions made to the university's Athletics program.

Categories for Hall of Fame Members

Have represented Ryerson as a student-athlete and competed with distinction at the highest level of interuniversity competition available at the time.

Have provided a significant leadership role in the provision of Athletics and Recreation programs at Ryerson.

Have made a significant contribution to the Ryerson Athletics and Recreation program in a role other than that of a student-athlete.

Have represented Ryerson as a team and competed with distinction at the highest level of interuniversity competition available at the time.

Inductees by Year

2018 Inductees

  • Tamara Alleyne-Gittens, Athlete
  • Ashley MacDonald, Athlete
  • Angela Tilk, Athlete

2017 Inductees

  • Isadore Sharp, Athlete
  • Kevin Krasnowski, Athlete
  • Men's Volleyball Team, OUA Silver Medal 2005-2006

2016 Inductees

  • Miruna Muller, Athlete
  • Ryan Vandenburg, Athlete
  • Men's Basketball Team, OUA Silver Medal 1998-99

2015 Inductees

  • Norm McClelland, Builder
  • Arif Nathoo, Builder
  • Sandy Pothier, Builder
  • Men's Curling Team, OIAA Champions 1960 & 1961

2014 Inductees

  • Erin (Gallagher) Loughnane, Athlete
  • Stephanie (Poulin) Veltmann, Builder
  • Zebras Men's Soccer OIAA CHAMPIONS 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968

2013 Inductees

  • Barry Jackson, Athlete
  • John Saunders, Athlete

2012 Inductees

  • Men's Hockey OIAA Champions 1962-63

2011 Inductees

  • George Cormack, Builder
  • Andy Parnham, Leader
  • Kenneth E. Austin, Athlete
  • Natalie Dabit Phillips, Athlete
  • Men's Football OQAA Champions 1958-1959

2009 Inductees

  • Donald Barr, Builder
  • Greg Toomey, Leader
  • David Fogolin, Athlete
  • Adam Hyde, Athlete
  • Jennifer Trabert, Athlete
  • Lia Ustel , Athlete
  • Men’s Hockey Team. OIAA Championship 1958-1959

2007 Inductees

  • Lyn McVey, Builder
  • Bill Wiggins, Leaders
  • Scott Belasco, Athlete
  • Claire King, Athlete
  • Caroline (Borsutzky) Klemens, Athlete
  • Bill Spurrell, Athlete

2005 Inductees

  • Alex Edgar Toogood, Builder
  • Janette E. McIntosh, Leader
  • Joe Xavier, Leader
  • Deborah Anzinger, Athlete
  • Bonnie Bowler O'Reilly, Athlete
  • Brian A. Smith, Athlete
  • Bryan Webber, Athlete

2003 Inductees

  • Bob Fullerton, Builder
  • Jean Kennedy, Builder
  • Lorie Atchison, Leader
  • Wendy Bolt (Gough), Leader
  • Tim Bonish, Leader
  • Stephan B. Jewczyk, Leader
  • Kathleen Bell (Clements), Athlete
  • Marie Claire Ross, Athlete
  • Bill McKenzie, Athlete
  • Ronald Vincent Scarcello, Athlete

2001 Inductees

  • Kyoko (Kay) Aoyama, Builder
  • Dave Manara, Builder
  • J. Campbell Martin, Leader
  • Brian O'Reilly, Leader
  • Sandy Duncan, Leader
  • Kim E. Publicover, Leader
  • Gillian Esson, Athlete
  • Darcel Wright, Athlete
  • Joe Dell'Aquila, Athlete
  • C. Julian Smith, Athlete